We intend to be world brand as natural-friendly cosmetics by combination natural ingredients with Oz beauty technology.

Pearl Cosmetics


[Pearl Face Powder]

Give skin youthful luminosity with this combination of light diffusers and pearl pigments smooth it on, and skin seems to glow from the dehydration.

SOUHAITER Pearl powder is light powder, which provides healthy glow and most natural finish on your skin...[more]

Pearl Components

Pearl, using SOUHAITER brand, is Pintada maxima pearl oyster, which has grown in Indian & Pacific ocean. Pearl was first discovered by Samuel Wallis who was the captain of Dolphin in Nickel Bay in 1761.

Pintada maxima

The size of the shell is huge compare to any other shell available. The average size of the shell is six to twelve inches. These giant pearl oyster develop a silver shine on their nacre and look truly magnificent.


The process is a micronizer fluid energy mill designed to a mathematical model embodying the results of many years of continuous research into fluid energy milling plus direct experience gained in manufacturing and operating on industrial jett-mill.

This process utilizes a shallow cylindrical grinding chamber...[more]

[Pearl Whitening Serum]

SOUHAITER Pearl Whitening Serum keeps your skin clean and white against flakes produced by the exposure of sun. Also with hydrating keeps your skin supple and smooth.

Pearl Whitening Serum is scientifically produced in combination with the Australia choice pearl and other peculiar ingredients...[more]

[Pearl Wrinkle Free Cream]

SOUHAITER Pearl Wrinkle Free Cream with a creamy non-sticky texture protects your skin while correcting the sign of aging. Reduce the fine lines improver skin for a young-looking skin.
Pearl Wrinkle Free Cream promotes metabolism for your skin to delay senility by helping cell recycle and circulation, it provides lustrous and elasticity. With Nano technology from Oz beauty, it gives prominent anti-aging effects with deep penetration of beauty ingredients of pearl...[more]

Souhaiter Body Care

Greenhills' Organic Products

Greenhills' Pure Organic Aloe Vera in its pure form is an effective treatment for both scalp and hair because it is a small enough molecule to actually penetrate into the scalp & the individual hair follicles to repair and replenish. This means that there is a deep penetrating ability that opens the scalps pores. ..[more]

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